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PET Recycling Screw Barrel

PET Recycling Screw Barrel

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At Raj Engineering we manufacturer screw barrel for, PET extrusion, PET used bottle extrusoin, Plastic bottle recycling plant.

These are generally large screw barrels of imported machinery. But we also make screw for rPET flakes and film recycling in to New Products other than fiber manufacturing.

Our Highly precised thread milling technology, more effective nitriding furnace and fair price policy make us the most reliable screw barrel manufacturer for PET recycling industry.

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Screw diameter 90 mm to 250 mm

Screw length up to 5000 mm in one piece and 9000 mm in Two piece.

Barrel OD upto 350mm.


EN41B Nitriding steel (Musco) (default), German Imported 41CrMoAl7 Equivalent, China's 38CrMoAlA also available on special request. SAE Grade 1.8509 Steel and SAE Grade 1.8519 Steel/ AISI 4140 Steel, SS-304, SS-316, SS-430 and many precious specially imported steel depending upon application and clients request.

Hardfacing alloy- Stellite and Colmonoy 

Hardfacing Superalloys- Inconel , Hastelloy

Gas nitriding: Thickness from 0.5 to 0.7 mm, hardness ~ 60-75 HRC ~ 1000 HV.

Plasma Nitriding on special request also available.

Hardchrome plating as default process in all screw.

Bimetallic treatment with HSS M type or Tool steel D2. 

Ultimate solution for abrasive and wear resistance WCNi Carbide Matrix composite with 88% Tungsten

Method: HVOF, HVAF, TPA, Sprayweld, Sintering

Production time: Within 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the part

Recycled Polyester staple fibre is a synthetic man made fibre made from PET/Polyester waste and post consumed PET bottles. It is used in Non-Woven carpets, wadding, filtration industries, as a polyfill for stuffing cushions, pillows, soft toys, quilts. Its also used for spinning yarns and making geotextiles. Hollow Polyester staple fiber gives good resilience properties and is used to make premium pillows, cushions and quilts.

Recycling of PET/Polyester waste and used PET bottles is essential to maintain cleanliness of environment.

Carpet companies use recycled fibre to make polyester carpets. PET is spun into fibre filling for pillows and quilts. Fibre is also used to make clothing, jackets and even polar fleeces. PET bottles may even reappear in the form of non-woven automotive carpets.

Retailers use rPET in pillows, duvets and reusable shopping bags; automotive manufacturers use rPET in boot linings and carpets; architects and designers use rPET in the form of roof insulation; clothing designers use rPET in the manufacture of clothing  like jeans, fleece jackets, and sophisticated sportswear; engineers use rPET in industrial applications, such as strapping, geotextiles for buildings, dams, power stations and tunnels; brand owners use rPET as a blend in new bottles.

Recycled PET products are functional, cost-effective and often stylish. It seems like designers are realising the potential of how to make a business out of this sustainable material.

A more growing industrial use of recycling of PET is manufacturing Geotextiles and Geomembranes.

some of our customers are the largest producer of RPSF, PPSF, Non woven fibre, and Geotextiles in India.

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