Address : Shed No-66 & 74, Parishram Estate,
Nr. Janta Nagar, Ramol, CTM, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India-382449.



Industry wise application:

Plastics processing:

Extrusion machines, Intrusion machines (Injection moulding machines and Blow moulding machine).

Rubber Processing:

Hot feed extrusion, cold feed extrusion (Tyre, profile, sheet etc)

Food Processing:
Animal feed material processing, Human feed material processing.

Polymer manufacturing plants and others 
Powder coating extrusion machines


Hot melt extrusion and Lab extrusion.

We manufacture Screw Barrel for the following 59 machines application

  1. Blow moulding machine,
  2. Wide Mouth Jars Machine,
  3. Conical twin screw extruder,
  4. Injection Moulding Machines,
  5. Twin Screw Pipe Extrusion Plant,
  6. Twin Screw Extruder for PVC Pipe,
  7. High Output HDPE/PPR pipe Extruder,
  8. Inline Drip Irrigation Solution for Flat and Round Dripper,
  9. 7 layer blown film extrusion plant,
  10. Five layer IBC co-extrusion blown film plant, Three layer IBC co-extrusion blown film lines,
  11. Three layer NON-IBC co-extrusion blown film lines,
  12. Monolayer blown film extrusion lines,
  13. Agriculture, Plumbing, Boring, Column Pipe plant,
  15. Wide Width Film Plant,
  16. P.P. High Speed Film Plant,
  17. PP/HIPS Sheet Machine,
  18. R-PET Sheet Machine Bottle Flakes,
  19. Plastic Extrusion Machine,
  20. Vented Recycling Machinery,
  21. Plastic Recycling Machinery,
  22. Direct Feed Recycling Plant,
  23. Mother Baby Recycling Machines,
  24. Round Drip Pipe Machine,
  25. Flat Drip Pipe Machine,
  26. HDPE Sprinkler Pipe Line,
  27. Plastic Extrusion Plant,
  28. Plastic Sheet Making Machine,
  29. D/F Pen Barrel making Machinery,
  30. Refill Machinery,
  31. Lollipop Stick Making Machinery,
  32. Disposable Container Machinery,
  33. Reprocess Screw barrel,
  34. Synthetic Strings Plant (Sutli Plant),
  35. Crates/HDPE Crates Manufacturing Machine and Furniture making Injection moulding machine,
  36. Adhesive Lamination / Coating Plant,
  37. Mono Filament Plant,
  38. PP/PET Box Strapping Plant,
  39. PP/HDPE Box Strapping Plant,
  40. Air Bubble Plant,
  41. Multi Layer Blown Film Plant,
  42. Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant,
  43. Raffia Tape Stretching Line,
  44. Foam Sheet Plant,
  45. Net Plant,
  46. PP – TQ Blown Film Plant,
  47. LD/HD/HM Plastic Plant,
  48. Granule plant,
  49. Lumps Plant,
  50. Side Feeding Type & Multiple Vents Type Screws & Barrels for Waste Recycling Machine For all kinds of waste film recycling pelletizing,
  51. High Mixing Screws & Barrels for Injection Machines Suitable for all kinds of resins, such as PP, PE, PC, AB and industrial plastic etc,
  52. Twin Screw & Barrel for PVC Pelletizing Machine,
  53. Wire & Cable making machines,
  54. Food Extruder (food processing plant), SS304 Screw
  55. Soap Extruder (Soap manufacturing plant),
  56. Rubber processing cold feed and hot feed extruder
  57. All extrusion machine/plant,
  58. Injection Moulding Machines,
  59. Blown film extrusion plant (blow molding).