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Customised Screw Barrel

Customised Screw Barrel

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We manufacture screw barrel set for any extrusion plant, Blow molding plant or Injection molding machine as per your requirement. we customize screw barrel set as per your need at best Price. Be it China or Taiwan, German made extrusion line or made in Europe/Japan/China injection molding machine we have a solution for you and our solutions are inevitable.

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Custom your size:
Just let us know your desired output rate/hr and we will design a best suitable screw barrel set for you.

We will tell you the secrets of size selection for different polymers and applications

Custom Metals:
Select base material as per your choice/budget/application from a wide range of alloys, stainless steel, superalloys.

Custom Protection:
Increase life of your screw/barrel by giving them an extra layer of performing protective coating available from our highest range of abrasive/wear/corrosion resistance materials like Carbides/Borides/Nickel/Chromium/Tungsten.
Method of coatings: TPA, Spray welding, Vacuum 
quenching, sintering, HVOF and the latest HVAF robotic technology.

Thinking of repairing screw barrel or changing the design of screw for old barrel ?
We have not only your answer but the best economically priced solution for your Plastics/Elastomer/Food processing requirement.

  • Solutions:
    Convert old screw in to new high output screw.
  • Repair barrel with bimetallic sleeve.
  • Grooved feed barrel performance solution.
  • Vented screw performance solution.
    Giving Barrier screw design in your GP screw.
  • One screw for recycling for many grades for Polymer manufacturing companies.
    All engineering polymers in single screw.
  • Single stage recycling. No mother-baby.
  • PET recycling solutions.
    New idea implementation and R&D on behalf of you.

Extrusion - Injection - Blow molding

32 mm screw barrel set
35 mm screw barrel set
40 mm screw barrel set
45 mm screw barrel set
50 mm screw barrel set 
55 mm screw barrel set 
65 mm screw barrel set 
75 mm screw barrel set

80 mm screw barrel set
90 mm screw barrel set 
100 mm screw barrel set
110 mm screw barrel set
115 mm screw barrel set
120 mm screw barrel set
125 mm screw barrel set
150 mm screw barrel set
160 mm screw barrel set
170 mm screw barrel set
180 mm screw barrel set
190 mm screw barrel set

200 mm screw barrel set

250 mm screw barrel set

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