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Feed Screw and Barrel for Precision Plastics Processing

Feed Screw and Barrel for Precision Plastics Processing

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Being the most innovative feed screw & barrel manufacturer, at REW we care our special customers who need utmost precision in Injection moulded products.
India's first Feed Screw Barrel R&D Lab is not the only speciality we have, but we also have developed some caring solution to enhance the life of Nitrided screw where provide the warranty of 5 years for nitrided screw barrel.

Our customer belongs to MNCs in automobile & electronic sector, mostly the plastic engineering companies.

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20 year ago we started feed screw making as a job work for some of India's largest plastic machine manufacturers located at Ahmedabad, and today we produce 450 sets per month to supply more than 80 machine manufactures and some screw barrel suppliers also. This make us one of the top 10 screw barrel manufacturing company in India and for where in some segments we stands as Number 1 company.

Specification of our feed screw & barrels:

Diameter 22 mm to 250 mm

Length up to 5000 mm in one piece and 9000 mm in Two piece.

Barrel OD upto 350mm.


EN41B Nitriding steel (Musco) (default), German Imported 41CrMoAl7 Equivalent, China's 38CrMoAlA also available on special request. D2 for up to 1200 mm screw, SS-304 & SS-316

Hardfacing alloy- Stellite and Colmonoy 

Hardfacing Superalloys- Inconel, Hastelloy

Gas nitriding:

Thickness from 0.5 to 0.7 mm, hardness ~ 60-75 HRC ~ 1000 HV.

Plasma Nitriding on special request also available.

Hardchrome plating as default process in all screw.

Bimetallic treatment with HSS M type or Tool steel D2.

Ultimate solution for abrasive and wear resistance WCNi Carbide Matrix composite with 88% Tungsten

Method:HVOF, HVAF, TPA, Sprayweld, Sintering, Laser cladding

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Production time: Within 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the products

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